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Erickson Mobility Products - Bruno Power Chair Lift Curb-Sider Super XL ®

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The lift of choice for storing your fully or partially assembled scooter or power chair weighing up to 400 pounds in the rear of your van or minivan, sport utility, pickup truck or some station wagon applications.

runo Power Chair Lift Curb-Sider Super XL at Erickson MobilityEligible for Third Party Reimbursement

The Curb-Sider Super XL lift is electronically powered from the vehicle's battery. Simply press a button on the hand-held controller and the Curb-Sider Super XL raises and lowers your power chair.

Bruno's Curb-Sider Super XL provides up to 180 degrees of powered rotation, which makes it easy to raise, lower and rotate a fully or partially assembled scooter or power chair on the curb at the side of your vehicle or directly behind it.

Bruno's Curb-Sider Super XL can end the struggle of manually trying to lift and store a scooter or power chair in your vehicle. The Curb-Sider Super XL gives you the convenience you need to transport your power chair or scooter and the freedom to travel where you like.

The Bruno Curb-Sider Super XL is designed to fit most types of full size vans, as well as minivans, sport utility vehicles, pickup truck and some station wagon applications.

The Bruno Curb-Sider Super XL is equipped with a low profile lift arm with angle adjustment that allows the placement of larger power bases into smaller vehicle openings. The installation does not require any structural modifications to your vehicle. A custom base is included to provide a neater and easier installation.

Expert installation and complete after-sale service is provided by Erickson's qualified and friendly staff!


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