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Lets you carry your scooter fully assembled and keeps your trunk space available for other things.

Bruno Out-sider III Power Chair LiftEligible for Third Party Reimbursement

The Out-Sider III® is easy to operate. Just turn the key and move the control lever to the position marked ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN. The unit automatically lifts and lowers the power chair. The chair is then securely held with a unique 4 point color coded strap system.

The Out-Sider III can raise and store power chairs weighing up to 300 lbs., using a Class III hitch with a 2" receiver. The Out-Sider III system is superior to any other rear exterior lift. The unit is powder coated and assembled with stainless steel fasteners for long life. In addition to these features, a special weight sensing device determines if there is a power chair on the platform and will fold the lift into the storage position when empty.

Bruno's Out-Sider III features an ON-OFF key for greater security, and an automatic emergency safety latch prevents the platform from lowering. As a result, the Out-Sider III gives you an easy to use, secure way to transport your power chair.

The Out-Sider III is powered by your vehicle's battery and is delivered fully equipped, including a lighted license plate holder, reflectors and a center brake light for added safety.


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