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Bruno Gold Warranty
5 Year Parts on Major
Components - Stair lift Motor,
Rail & Gearbox Assembly 30 Days Labor for Stairlift repairs

2 Year Parts for the Stairlift

Electra-Ride Stairlift Electra-Ride II Stairlift Electra-Ride Elite Stairlift Outdoor Electra-Ride
Elite Stairlift
Electra-Ride LT Stairlift
Bruno Electra-Ride Stairlift Bruno Electra-Ride  II Stairlift Bruno Electra-Ride ™ Elite Stairlift Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride ™ Elite Stairlift Bruno Electra-Ride ™ LT Stairlift

Key Benefits Standard in all 3 Models:

FREEDOM: With a Bruno Independent Living Aids Straight Rail Stairlift you can go up and down stairs effortlessly, anytime you want.

COMFORT: Unlike ordinary chain or cable driven stairlifts, our units use a rack and pinion system, so there's no slipping or lurching when the unit stops and starts. Your ride is smooth and controlled. Your installer can even set the speed of the unit to suit your personal comfort level.

PERFORMANCE: All Bruno Straight Rail Stair lifts are designed and manufactured to accommodate rider weights of up to 350 lbs., which positions Bruno stairlift systems as a leader in the industry.

BATTERY-POWERED OPERATION: Battery operation assures you of access between floors even if an electrical outage occurs. The unit charges automatically when it is parked both at the top or bottom of the stairway.

INSTALLATION: Because of the battery-powered operation there is no special wiring required for installation. The unit uses a 3-amp charger that will operate on a standard 110 volt wall outlet.

CALL-SEND: The Bruno Straight Rail Stair lift utilizes a wireless "call-send" control which allows you to call or send the unit to the other end of the stairs. This wireless system can either be mounted on a wall or can be used as a hand held remote.

QUALITY: Designed, manufactured and assembled under ISO 9001 standards.


Bruno Electra-Ride StairliftBenefits of the Electra-Ride Stairlift

SEATING: The Electra-Ride features a wide, deep seat offering a secure and comfortable ride


Bruno Electra-Ride  II StairliftBenefits of the Electra-Ride II Stairlift

COMPACT: The Electra-Ride II is a low profile design that uses only 24" of the stairway when in use and folds up to only 13" from the wall allowing greater access for others using the stairway.

SEATING: This unit offers swing out arms as well as an adjustment to set the width of the arms, both features allow for easier access and a more comfortable ride.
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Bruno Electra-Ride ™ Elite StairliftBenefits of the Electra-Ride Elite Stairlift

COMPACT: Installed rail extends only five inches from wall.

SEATING: Seat height may be adjusted from 19" to 24 1/2".

DESIGN: Unique, simple design of rail hides mechanical components keeping grease and dust away from you and your clothes.
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Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride ™ Elite StairliftNew! Benefits of the Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite Stairlift

VALUE: The only outdoor stairlift deigned to Bruno's exacting quality standards. Offers a smooth rack and pinion drive for smoother performance, battery power for use even during power outages and two remote keyed, wireless call send controls for safety and convenience.

SEATING: Locking swivel seat at the top and bottom of the stairway. Generous seat size of 20" between arms.

DESIGN: Unique design offers outstanding performance under a variety of climate conditions. Components designed to withstand the elements with consistent performance year to year.
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Bruno Electra-Ride ™ LT Stairlift Benefits of the Electra-LT Stairlift

VALUE: Our Electra LT stairlift offers all the quality and durability that makes all Bruno lifts the stairlift of choice everywhere

SEATING: Seat is contoured to provide maximum comfort.

DESIGN: Battery- operated design offers continued operation - even during power outages!
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