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Eliminates the struggle of lifting and storing your folding wheelchair in the trunk of your car or van.

Bruno AWL 100 for Trunks Wheelchair Lifts at Erickson MobilityEligible for Third Party Reimbursement

The Wheelchair-Lifter raises and tilts your wheelchair horizontally, all at the touch of a button. You don't need to struggle any longer to get your wheelchair in and out of the trunk of your car. Bruno's Wheelchair-Lifter can also be adapted as the Model AWL-150 to raise your wheelchair vertically for storage in a full size van or minivan.

The Wheelchair-Lifter is an electrically operated lift that draws its power from the vehicle's battery. Raising and lowering the wheelchair is as easy as touching a button. When the wheelchair is above the trunk, simply swing the lift arm in and push the DOWN button, then fold the lift arm down. Bruno's Wheelchair-Lifter raises and stores your wheelchair in just a few seconds. No more struggling and awkward lifting. The work is done for you.

The Wheelchair-Lifter can be installed in most auto trunks, station wagons, vans, minivans, sport utility vehicles and hatchbacks as long as the storage area is large enough to accommodate your folding wheelchair.

Bruno's Wheelchair-Lifter is a cost efficient way of loading and unloading your manual folding wheelchair into the back of your vehicle.

Expert installation and complete after-sale service is provided by Erickson's qualified and friendly staff!


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